Building a Responsible and Beneficial AI Community for Fundraising

We are a fully independent collaborative that exists to understand and promote the development and use of Responsible and Beneficial Artificial Intelligence for Nonprofit Fundraising.


Fundraising.AI Virtual Global Summit

October 1, 2024

About Us

Harnessing the power of AI for Fundraising comes with great responsibility

Fundraising.AI’s vision is to usher a revitalization in charitable giving through the use of Responsible and Beneficial AI that prioritizes trust through precision and personalization.

Our mission is to empower those working within or for the fundraising profession with the knowledge, tools, and resources to adopt AI technologies responsibly and to promote a culture of privacy, security, data ethics, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency within the charitable giving sector.

Thinking in the Future, Acting in the Now

Privacy & Security

Data Ethics & Inclusiveness

Accountability & Transparency

Artificial Intelligence has reshaped industries and society. It holds incredible promises, but unfavorable incidents can diminish public trust and draw attention from regulators. Navigating the Responsible and Beneficial AI landscape is challenging. The Fundraising.AI collaborative is focused on providing tools for organizations and AI practitioners to build, buy, and support responsible and trusted AI systems for fundraising purposes.

Why we exist

Social good organizations not thinking about Responsible and Beneficial AI within their fundraising programs may cause irreversible harm to the nonprofit sector.

While great work has been achieved to strengthen the understanding and importance of Responsible and Beneficial AI in the private sector, currently there is no body of work that exists to define the nuanced attributes of Responsible and Beneficial AI for the fundraising profession. 

With trust being the central currency of the nonprofit sector, the Fundraising.AI collaborative exists to address the uniqueness of the nonprofit fundraising sector, which largely relies on donor’s trust, rather than a product or service.

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Responsible and Beneficial AI

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