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Fundraising.AI is a fully independent collaborative that exists to understand and promote the development and use of responsible AI in the nonprofit sector.

By conveying the world’s top practitioners and stakeholders, Fundraising.AI collaborative seeks to promote sustainable philanthropy practices through education, research and engagement. 

The nonprofit sector is at an inflection point that will shape the future of philanthropic giving in either a positive or negative trajectory. Built and deployed responsibly, AI holds the power to create tremendous efficiencies, inspire generosity, deepen empathy, increase personalization and reinforce relational giving.


Without thoughtful consideration about future implications, irresponsible AI can have a long-term adverse impact on the nonprofit sector. The Fundraising.AI collaborative has been established to develop and disseminate guidelines, best practices and education on the responsible use of Ai in the nonprofit sector. 

Fundraising.AI is focused on learning, discussing and researching critical issues that impact short and long-term implications of the philanthropic sector. 




With a focus on establishing governance and best practices related to privacy, security, data ethics, equality and sustainability we support the short-term and long-term needs of mission-based organizations as they navigate the complex landscape of creating responsible AI solutions.

Content and feedback generated from these systems will inform nonprofit leaders and AI policymakers, enabling technologies that improve the social and economic well-being of society.

We will do this in the following ways:


Educate by Disseminating Knowledge: We believe in the concept of open-source discovery and distribution to help educate the profession.

Advocate through Research: We believe in the need for both qualitative and quantitative research on the use of advanced technologies and big data to support sustainable practices in philanthropic giving.

Engage by Convening: We serve as a conduit to bring nonprofit and for-profit leaders and philanthropists together to explore new technologies, share philosophies and learn from use-case scenarios.

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