About Us

Fundraising.AI advocates
Responsible AI for Fundraisers

Harrnessing the power of AI for Fundraising comes with great responsibility

Who We Are

We believe in Responsible AI

Fundraising.AI envisions a thriving nonprofit sector where AI for fundraising is utilized ethically, responsibly, and inclusively to maximize the positive impact on communities and causes worldwide. The result of this work will be witnessed by an increase in charitable participation.

Our mission is to empower those working within or for the fundraising profession with the knowledge, tools, and resources to adopt AI technologies responsibly and to promote a culture of privacy, security, data ethics, inclusiveness, accountability, and transparency within the charitable giving  sector.

Steering Committee

Tim Sarrantonio
Meena Das
Nathan Chappell
Mallory Erickson

What We Do

Thinking in the Future, Acting in the Now

With a focus on establishing AI governance and best practices within these key focus areas, we support the short-term and long-term needs of mission-based organizations as they navigate the complex landscape of creating Responsible AI solutions.

Content and feedback generated from these solutions will inform nonprofit leaders and AI policymakers, enabling technologies that improve the social and economic well-being of society with direct input from nonprofit stakeholders rather than external industry technologists.

Privacy &

Ensuring the protection of personal and sensitive data, implementing robust security measures, and maintaining compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Data Ethics &

Promoting ethical data collection, analysis, and usage practices, and fostering inclusiveness in AI systems

Accountability &

Encouraging organizations to be accountable for their AI applications, providing clear explanations of AI methodology and results, and promoting transparency in AI development and deployment.

At Fundraising.AI, trust is the central currency

While great work has been achieved to strengthen the understanding and importance of Responsible AI in the private sector, currently there is no body of work that exists to define the nuanced attributes of Responsible AI for the fundraising profession.  The Fundraising.AI collaborative exists to address the uniqueness of the nonprofit fundraising sector, which largely relies on donor’s trust, rather than a product or service.

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