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The power of AI is in your hands.
Will you leverage it to Generate Good?

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October 1, 2024

October 23-24, 2023

8:30 AM - 2:30 PM PST

Welcome to the
Fundraising.AI Global Summit: Generate Good

About the Virtual Conference

Should I be leveraging AI for my nonprofit?

And if so, how can I ensure that I’m using AI in a responsible + beneficial way?
Unlocking the opportunities available with AI is a powerful asset to save time, money, and energy while raising more for your cause.
And now, Fundraising AI has developed a framework for HOW you can leverage AI in a way that aligns with your mission, implements responsible practices, and produces beneficial outcomes.
Join us at the Fundraising AI Summit: Generate Good for this FREE + All-VIRTUAL conference on October 1, 2024!
You’ll be empowered to tap into the full potential of AI for your nonprofit, while ensuring you are leveraging these tools for good.
The power of AI is in your hands. Will you leverage it to Generate Good?

“As the facilitator of this gathering, I’m honored to bring together an incredible group of nonprofit professionals, service firms and AI providers to provide a platform for insightful discussions and collaborations on the use of Responsible and Beneficial AI in fundraising. The goal is to equip the fundraising ecosystem with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the potential of AI while upholding ethical and responsible practices.”

Mallory Erickson

Creator of the Power Partners Formula™ and Host of What the Fundraising
Fundraising.AI Global Summit Facilitator


Afua Bruce

Founder & Principal, ANB Advisory Group + Author, The Tech That Comes Next

Seth Godin

Author, entrepreneur and non-profit supporter

Randy Fernando

Co-Founder and former Executive Director of Center for Humane Technology

Nathan Chappell

SVP, DonorSearch AI

Mallory Erickson

CEO and Founder of the Power Partners Formula™

Rhea Wong

HostHost, Nonprofit Lowdown

Amy Neumann

Founder and Executive Director, Resourceful Nonprofit

Salvatore Salpietro

Chief Community Officer, Fundraise Up

Shereese Floyd

Founder, AI Consultants for Nonprofits

Meredith Noble

Co-Founder & CEO,

Vidya Chadaga

Executive Vice President, Products at RKD Group

Erik Tomalis

Chief Evangelist & Director of Business Development, Virtuous

Alexis King Wilson

Sr. Director Impact, Inclusion & Advocacy, Endeavor

Tim Lockie

Founder & CEO, The Human Stack

Hazem Mahmoud

Director, Products & Services at The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

Woodrow Rosenbaum

Chief Data Officer, Giving Tuesday

Floyd Jones

Speaker + Founder of BackBlack

Meet Your Session Guides


Creator of the Power Partners Formula™


CEO, ManageMint, Inc.


Founder and CEO, Positive Equation


Founder, AI Consultants for Nonprofits

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