Episode 26


Episode 26 - Challenges and Reflections on Recent AI Developments



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Ready to decode the AI buzz? Let’s elevate AI, one conversation at a time! 

From Apple Intelligence’s strategic rebranding to Elon Musk’s bold predictions, in today’s episode, Nathan and Scott explore the evolving role of AI in our daily lives and its impact on future technological advancements. 

Diving deeper, they discuss recent breakthroughs such as desktop voice integration, autonomous movie creation, and the expanding capabilities of AI in human interaction. From celebrity narrations to the ethical implications of autonomous fundraising, Nathan and Scott navigate the complexities of AI’s integration into society. They also examine AI’s progression towards multilingual and multimodal capabilities, transforming how we interact with digital assistants and virtual avatars. 

The conversation shifts towards the realities of AI hype and the balance between innovation and responsible adoption. Nathan and Scot address the scrutiny major AI providers face, including ethical concerns and the implications for equity and privacy.  

In a pivotal segment, Nathan and Scott explore sustainability from a nonprofit perspective within AI adoption. They further discuss the environmental impact of computational power and the importance of responsible AI frameworks in mitigating these challenges. 




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Nathan Chappell

As a thought leader, public speaker, author and inventor, Nathan is one of the world’s foremost experts on the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and philanthropy. Nathan serves as Senior Vice President of DonorSearch AI, where he leads AI deployments for some of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations. Nathan’s subject matter expertise has been featured in several publications, including Fast Company, University of Notre Dame and the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy. In 2021, Nathan founded Fundraising.Ai as a member-centric collaboration of nonprofit professionals with a focus on data ethics, data equality, privacy and security, sustainability. Nathan presented the first TEDx on the topic of artificial intelligence and the future of generosity in 2018. Nathan is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and holds a Masters in Nonprofit Administration from University of Notre Dame, an MBA from University of Redlands, a certificate in International Economics from University of Cambridge and a certificate in Artificial Intelligence from MIT.

Scott Rosenkrans

Scott Rosenkrans is the Assistant Vice President of DonorSearch Ai and has been with the organization for three years. He began his journey in the nonprofit sector twelve years ago as a prospect researcher. He quickly became fascinated with data as he noticed the organization that he previously worked for was amassing a wealth of information but was unsure how to efficiently use the data and resources to its full potential. This led him to become interested in predictive modeling and data analytics. During this time, he began to create an immense commitment to delivering tailor-made machine learning models to nonprofits.

The thing that Scott loves most about working for DonorSearch is the ability to prioritize what is best for the client and nonprofit sector above all else. He believes that growth is our most important core value because the DSAi team continuously evolves and brings a unique perspective that provides value to our clients. He stays ahead of industry trends because of his insatiable drive to constantly try out new things.

Favorite nonprofit: Shriner’s Children Hospital because of their extreme commitment to providing exceptional medical care, while also alleviating the financial burdens on families.